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  Shekinah V. Age:  23    •   Experience:  4 Yrs
London E5 
My name is Shekinah   and I am 23 years old. I am African originally from Congo DRC. i speak 3 languages french, lingala and english. i have one sister and one brother i am the oldest. i like reading a lot and watching films I am currently living with my parents and two others of my siblings. Read More>
Salary:  11 - 13 £ per hour 
Last Login:  8 Days ago
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  Clemy A. Age:  24    •   Experience:  4 Yrs
London NW2 
I have been living in California for 4 years and have spent the last six months living at home and saving enough money to start a life in London in West Hampstead. I come from a large family with 2 siblings, eight of which are younger than me. Read More>
Salary:  11 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  Yesterday
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  Nikki S. Age:  34    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
London NW1 
Hello. . 😁 I am a very caring and sorted hearted woman who loves helping everyone I’m always happy and has a smile on my face. . I love being around children as I have 2 of my own. . A Son 18 & Daughter 4 they are my life. . I look after my friends &family’s children a lot. . Read More>
Salary:  7 - 9 £ per hour 
Last Login:  9 Days ago
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  Charlotte K. Age:  20    •   Experience:  1 Year
London SW6 
My name is Charlotte Louise King I was born in Surrey and brought up in between Paris and London. I am English however I speak fluent french and love languages. I have experience looking after children in Paris as well as in the UK without mentioning I have younger siblings which I am close too. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  13.12.2018
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  Savannah M. Age:  17    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
London SE5 
I am very passionate about children, as I feel like they are the voices of the future. I like to play with the children as well as teach them things that they might need in later life. I believe that being able to work with young children will help me develop myself as a person. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 30 £ per hour 
Last Login:  Yesterday
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  Jessica M. Age:  25    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
London N15 
Am a very professional person, friendly, responsible, dynamic and very sociable. I adapt myself to any work environment since my goal is customer satisfaction and / or suppliers . I am very hardworking and committed to the tasks that I perfor, and willing to learn more and better. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 30 £ per hour 
Last Login:  27.11.2018
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  Marie V. Age:  26    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
London SW16 
I am black british but my parents are from the west indies my mother is from Mauritius and my father is from Jamaica i have 5 siblings and I am the second eldest. Read More>
Salary:  12 - 14 £ per hour 
Last Login:  22.11.2018
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  Ramatu K. Age:  62    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
London SE15 
I am a committed and hard - working person, who gives due attention to any task, big or small. Looking after a household with children, has given me the skills of budgeting, time management, weekly planning as well as providing support and continuity. Read More>
Salary:  12 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  24.11.2018
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  Farah Nadhirah I. Age:  27    •   Experience:  1 Year
London W2 
Hi I’m Farah, 26 years old. I worked as Flight Attendant for 3 years when i was in Kuala Lumpur, i have basic training of first aid, been working in hospitality & management for almost 5 years. I have cats & love them so much. I love kids, & im very understanding & soft spoken person. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  14.11.2018
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  Marie V. Age:  26    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
London NW10 
I'm young and energetic, polite and caring I come from a big family my background is mixed my mother is from Mauritius and my Father is from Jamaica. I love music and can sing I have recorded a couple of songs professionally written by me and performed by me. Read More>
Salary:  12 - 14 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.11.2018
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  Perla S. Age:  30    •   Experience:  6 Yrs
London E13 
Hello its me PERLA. . 32 yrs old from Philippines. . I graduated Bachelors of Sciences in Nursing. . i am married with two kids. Read More>
Salary:  15 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  Week ago
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  Silvia S. Age:  22    •   Experience:  1 Year
London E1 
Hi. I'm Silvia, from Rome, Italy, I'm moved in UK a month and a week ago, I love music, cinema, theater, animals, children, play, sing, read books, write stories and drink tea, I love sports like soccer, golf, swim, dance. . but for the moment I do not practice any of these. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 13 £ per hour 
Last Login:  8.11.2018
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  Millie P. Age:  22    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
London E15 
Im a 22 year old looking for a new career path in something im passionate in. I'm from a large family of 14 me being number 6, I have been brought up around children my whole life so very well equipped around children. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  9.11.2018
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  Alexandra D. Age:  55    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
TW11 9JT London 
Professional Nanny. Charming, and a natural gift with children. Patient and calm. Excellent references. Art and craft stills. Love of the out doors. Enjoying teaching new skills. Up to date CV available. Read More>
Salary:  11 - 13 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.11.2018
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  Minha A. Age:  17    •   Experience:  1 Year
London E14 
Hi, I am a 17 year old student currently studying business administration at college. I come from a very large caring family, which is really fun because we get up to a lot of fun activities, especially during the holidays when everyone is available. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  Yesterday
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