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  Tamia E. Age:  19    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B31 
Hi, I’m 19 years old and currently in my gap year. I come from a big family, with a lot of babies / children, so I’m always surrounded by the bundles of joy. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  25.3.2019
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  Arisa E. Age:  30    •   Experience:  7 Yrs
Birmingham B16 
Hi :) My name is Arisa, from Japan. I've lived in England since June 2017 and just moved in Birmingham so am looking for a job in a nursery or babysitter/nanny. I am a family of 5 and am the eldest daughter, have a brother and a sister. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  4.5.2019
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  Madaline R. Age:  43    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B32 
I am 43 years old. I have 2 children my daughter is 17 and my son is 14, I live in Bartley Green and I am currently work as a Teaching/Care Assistant. I work in a school in Edgbaston called Hall Field School. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  4 Days ago
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  Priya S. Age:  18    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B37 
My description isn't going to be like the others The same thing just worded differently. I will tell you ( potential employer) the truth. I am in need of a job. I came across this website and thought why not give it a go. I am currently 17 years of age, soon to be 18 on the 10th of March. Read More>
Salary:  6 - 30 £ per hour 
Last Login:  9.5.2019
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  Husna M. Age:  20    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B18 
My name is Husna and I am a student. I am studying biomedical health at university and hoping to going into radiology as a career for my near future. I come from a big family where I have 5 siblings. I have many nieces and nephews who I always babysit. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.5.2019
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  Shernika M. Age:  26    •   Experience:  7 Yrs
Birmingham B16 
I am very friendly, approachable and enjoy working with children. Children tend to like me as I like having fun. Most importantly seeing them blossom as they develop and learn new skills. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  9.4.2019
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  Shelley B. Age:  25    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
Birmingham B19 
I live with my mum and dad and my 3 brother and sister. I enjoying looking after an playing with children. I have three little nephews aged from 1 month to 6 months. I enjoy babysitting them . I am a family person and enjoy spending time with my family and close friends. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 9 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.5.2019
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  Tolu O. Age:  32    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
B66 3NJ Birmingham 
Final year student nurse at University of Wolverhampton. Looking for part time job to keep income open. Been babysitting now for over 15yrs and love children absolutely. I also work with them in church. I love reading, singing and cleaning. Read More>
Salary:  5 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  15 Days ago
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  Victoria B. Age:  23    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B31 
I have just finished studying a level 2 course in British Sing Language and am looking into starting a level 3 course. My hobbies include reading, cooking and walking. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.5.2019
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  Shazana K. Age:  44    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B31 
I have been working for children for 10+ years. I enjoy working with them because it’s always been my passion. I love doing different activities and helping children out, I have been working with many different age groups. I have 2 children of my own but they are now adults. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  1 Month ago
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  Bethan W. Age:  32    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B46 
Hi, I’m Bethan 31, qualified primary school teacher but have been nannying full time for the past 6 years. I have a lot of childcare experience, am very confident and able, use my initiative and am passionate about what I do. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.5.2019
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  Nadia A. Age:  21    •   Experience:  1 Year
B63 4JL Birmingham 
Hi my name is Nadia and I am 20 years old. I am married and I have a child. I enjoy working with children and have experience working with them as I have done a level 2 course in childcare and have done placements. I also have experience as I have a child. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  2 Days ago
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  Nazma J. Age:  35    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B25 
I am a hardworking person who has a lot of experience in child settings. I am a good team worker and can work well individually as well as in a group and can communicate effectively. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  10 Days ago
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  Charlote Samantha C. Age:  27    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
Birmingham B19 
I am very ponctual, hard working and honest person . I have experience in care . I took care of my neighbours childrem where i born and here i take care of my nephew . I like to learn about the cultures, go to cinema, go to church, go for a walk and travel . Read More>
Salary:  10 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  Today
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  Olivia S. Age:  25    •   Experience:  5 Yrs
Birmingham B15 
Born and raised in the uk until the age of 18 then worked abroad with different jobs. Since the age of 16 I have worked with children and cared for them I have a big passion for anything to do with looking after kids. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  21 Day ago
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