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  Mollie H. Age:  18    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B27 
My name is Mollie Hill. I am 18 years old, turning 19 in February. I have currently just finished doing my A-Levels at Sixth Form and am currently looking for a Nanny job since i love children so much. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 8 £ per hour 
Last Login:  25.9.2018
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  Charlote Samantha C. Age:  27    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
Birmingham B19 
I am very ponctual, hard working and honest person . I have experience in care . I took care of my neighbours childrem where i born and here i take care of my nephew . I like to learn about the cultures, go to cinema, go to church, go for a walk and travel . Read More>
Salary:  10 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  2 Weeks ago
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  Olivia S. Age:  25    •   Experience:  4 Yrs
Birmingham B15 
Born and raised in the uk until the age of 18 completed my college education, moved to Spain and lived there with my family for 4 years, for the past 2 years I have been abroad but I am returning to the uk next month to work. I have no children only a partner. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  18.9.2018
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  Tabby M. Age:  27    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
Birmingham B23 
My name is Tabby i am 27 years old. I was originally born in South africe moved to the UK when I was 8years old, you could sat all I know is this country. I am currently pregnant with my first child due in December. I am a bubbly and smiley individual who loves to put smiles on people's faces. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  5.10.2018
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  Lydia N. Age:  25    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B36 
Hello My name is Lydia, I’m 25 years old and I am looking to move from the professional HR sector I have spent the last few years in to something slightly more flexible and 100 more rewarding. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  22.10.2018
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  Anam S. Age:  31    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B32 
I'm a caring person who loves to help others. I have good communication skills and good time keeping skills. I've been married for nine years with three kids. In my spare time i like to watch movies and go out shopping. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 8 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.11.2018
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  Khaled H. Age:  23    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B19 
Hi and thank you for visiting my profile. I am a male nanny with 3 years experience in working with children from 2-12yrs including overseas. I hold a Childcare level 3 and a DBS. If you would like to find out more about experience and other information please do not hesitate to contact me. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  29.9.2018
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  Priya K. Age:  30    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B43 
Hii my name is Priya . i have very good 3 years experience at care taker in Israel . . after I got married I moved to uk with my husband . . I really love taking care of old people and children . i was trained for taking care of people in need . . Read More>
Salary:  7 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  26.9.2018
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  Stacey R. Age:  25    •   Experience:  8 Yrs
Birmingham B38 
Hi my names Stacey I am 24 years old and have worked in childcare for over 8 years within nursery’s And schools. I am very trustworthy and hardworking. I am patient and caring and voice things nice and clean. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  19.9.2018
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  Sannah N. Age:  21    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B25 
An ambitious individual who enjoys taking on responsibilities. I take pride in my appearance. Someone who enjoys spending time with people and who is continuously looking for new opportunities to build relationships with them. Read More>
Salary:  4 - 6 £ per hour 
Last Login:  8 Days ago
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  Afroja W. Age:  28    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B25 
My name is Mrs Afroja Wasem and I have recently relocated from Cardiff to Birmingham. I relocated because I got married on 1st August 2017. I am 27 years of age and seek full time employment in the Childcare sector. Read More>
Salary:  11 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  16.10.2018
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  Tara S. Age:  32    •   Experience:  5 Yrs
Birmingham B24 
I'm 31, I have worked in care for 13+years, working with elderly people, people with brain injuries and adults and a child with complex disabilities. I have a 4 year old son who I enjoy taking swimming, play centres, the zoo etc when I'm not working. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  29.9.2018
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  Zahida K. Age:  41    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B20 
I am a single mom of 3 beautiful children. aged 18, 16. and 11, my children are all grown up now so i want to go back to work and do what im best at doing which is childcare. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  22.11.2018
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  Najma M. Age:  22    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B11 
I am an eager Nursery nurse who loves to have fun with children. I decided to pursue my career as a Nursery Nurse after doing a one week placement at a nursery. I really loved going there and from them on I knew I had to make it my job profession. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  24.11.2018
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  Sarah F. Age:  48    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B31 
I am a 47 year old mother of 3 grown up children. I have always worked as a carer, as either a nanny, childminder or foster carer, as well working for a few years as a carer for an elderly lady. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  1 Month ago
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