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  Priya S. Age:  18    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B37 
My description isn't going to be like the others The same thing just worded differently. I will tell you ( potential employer) the truth. I am in need of a job. I came across this website and thought why not give it a go. I am currently 17 years of age, soon to be 18 on the 10th of March. Read More>
Salary:  6 - 30 £ per hour 
Last Login:  3.2.2019
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  Libby P. Age:  17    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B45 
I am currently living in Rubery, Birmingham with my mom, dad, younger sister and my pet dog Hugo. I went to Waseley Hills high school and left in 2017 with GCSE grades of the following. English Language: level 6, English Literature: level 5, mathematics: level 3, science: C, history: B, P. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  31.1.2019
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  Hasnaa S. Age:  26    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B12 
Hello I'm Hasnaa, I live in Birmingham. I am 26 year old studying at Winsor College. I'm looking for a part time job I live alone. I'm a very reliable honest person I'm very patient when I do a job I put my full concentration and attention towards it I'm trustworthy Read More>
Salary:  8 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  29.1.2019
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  Husna M. Age:  19    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B18 
My name is Husna and I am a student. I am studying biomedical health at university and hoping to going into radiology as a career for my near future. I come from a big family where I have 5 siblings. I have many nieces and nephews who I always babysit. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  29.1.2019
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  Carys C. Age:  18    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B14 
I am an aspiring musical theatre performer, so I am confident with meeting new people. I have always loved to look after young children and have had a natural ability with babies from a young age. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 25 £ per hour 
Last Login:  18.1.2019
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  Anabel D. Age:  29    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
B28 9EU Birmingham 
My name is Anabel and I am 29. I am graduated in teaching in elementary school but I am not currently working on it. Nowadays I am working in an office. I consider my self as an ethusiastic and lovely person. I am also a hard working and friendly once I have more confidence. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  19.1.2019
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  Charlotte E. Age:  21    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B28 
I am an enthusiastic, chatty and caring Creative Writing graduate, who loves working with children. In my degree I specalised as a children's writer, so I spent a lot of time visiting primary schools and nurseries and producing illustrated texts for children to enjoy. Read More>
Salary:  11 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  16.1.2019
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  Shernika M. Age:  26    •   Experience:  7 Yrs
Birmingham B16 
I am very friendly, approachable and enjoy working with children. Children tend to like me as I like having fun. Most importantly seeing them blossom as they develop and learn new skills. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  6.2.2019
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  Seema S. Age:  49    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B28 
I am a caring and reliable person, passionate to work along Children. I am Level 3 qualified in child care and have experience in nursery sitting. As I prefer to work at home environment so I think this would be a great opportunity for me to give a high standards care to children at their home Read More>
Salary:  15 - 17 £ per hour 
Last Login:  7.1.2019
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  Afreen M. Age:  19    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B31 
I'm 18 years old on a gap year before I attend university next year. I have 6 younger siblings hence why I am good with taking care of younger kids. Read More>
Salary:  6 - 9 £ per hour 
Last Login:  12.12.2018
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  Ophelia M. Age:  23    •   Experience:  4 Yrs
Birmingham B34 
I'm courteous, creative, organised, while able to adapt to changing priorities ans maintain a positive work ethic. Interpersonally, a bubbly approachable individual who is viewed as a reliable strong team representative. I have worked alongside children for years. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  9.12.2018
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  Joanna N. Age:  25    •   Experience:  4 Yrs
Birmingham B13 
I’m Joanna. 25 years old and Mum to a beautiful little girl. I have decided not to return to my old job as I would like to spend more time with my daughter. Read More>
Salary:  5 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  27.12.2018
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  Shelley B. Age:  25    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
Birmingham B19 
I live with my mum and dad and my 3 brother and sister. I enjoying looking after an playing with children. I have three little nephews aged from 1 month to 6 months. I enjoy babysitting them . I am a family person and enjoy spending time with my family and close friends. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 9 £ per hour 
Last Login:  28.12.2018
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  Emilia R. Age:  22    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B29 
I am due to begin training as a Primary School Teacher in September and would love to work with children in the meantime. I am very friendly and enthusiastic and love planning fun activities for children. My hobbies include knitting, crochet, jewellery making, painting and all things creative. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  9.12.2018
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  Providencia Dawn P. Age:  52    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B26 
About me Years of experience 20+ Hello my name is Providencia Dawn, although everyone calls me Dawn. I am a compassionate, loving, go with the flow woman who adores children, yet can be firm at times if required. I have 4 children of my own, 3 grownup boys and a little girl . Read More>
Salary:  12 - 14 £ per hour 
Last Login:  8.12.2018
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