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  Lauren L. Age:  21    •   Experience:  2 Yrs
Birmingham B37 
Hi. My name’s Lauren, but your younger children can call me Lolly:) I’m currently studying at university to become a primary school teacher. I currently work for a teaching agency and have worked in nursery-year 3. I have worked with children of all abilities, including SEND. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  19.3.2020
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  Huma A. Age:  44    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B23 
I am a house wife. I live with my husband and two kids girl 21 and boy who’s 19 years old. I am Pakistani British. I like cooking. i like travelling . i don’t like dogs. Read More>
Salary:  15 - 20 £ per hour 
Last Login:  2.2.2020
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  Andrada P. Age:  31    •   Experience:  6 Yrs
Birmingham B15 
Hi, I Am Andrada I am 31 living in the Uk for more then 13 years. I have 2 children of my own. They are 5yrs old and 19 months old. I am a single mom but very lucky as I have my mom and dad to help me. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  26.2.2020
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  Zari S. Age:  30    •   Experience:  0 Yrs
Birmingham B8 
My name is zaryab sabir from b8. I am a responsible and honest housewife and a caring mother. I don’t people who is double face. I like simplicity. Family background is clear muslim status. cooking and cleaning are my hobbies. if any body interested in me contact with me. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  1.4.2020
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  Rajah K. Age:  19    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B34 
Hello, my name is Rajah. I’m 19 years old. I’m from Spain but originally I’m Moroccan. I’m a college student this year I am doing English studies and health and social care. I’m a confident, ergetic, trustworthy and hardworking person. I like taking care of babies and children with all ages. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  10.3.2020
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  Kulwinder K. Age:  46    •   Experience:  9 Yrs
Birmingham B17 
I am a highly motivated and dedicated individual who is seeking work in the childcare sector. I have a diverse range of previous experiences within many fields of care from, in-house nanny, teaching assistant and volunteering. For more information please refer to my CV. Read More>
Salary:  10 - 14 £ per hour 
Last Login:  28.2.2020
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  Saskia P. Age:  21    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B24 
My name is Saskia I have worked with children for numerous of years from newborn up to the age of 16 if you are looking for someone friendly supportive and enthusiastic I’m deffinetly the person your looking for I have worked with children who have learning difficulties or disabilities such Read More>
Salary:  6 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  11.2.2020
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  Chicane P. Age:  22    •   Experience:  5 Yrs
Birmingham B32 
I am currently a final year Counselling psychology student with the intention of going into the children and family therapy field. I am a very family orientated person coming from a big family. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 15 £ per hour 
Last Login:  17 Days ago
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  Gemma M. Age:  36    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B27 
I have more than thirteen years of professional experience in education, youth work and residential child care, as well as a lifetime of personal experience as the eldest of seven children, sixth in line of more than thirty grandchildren and proud Auntie to eleven nieces and two nephews. Read More>
Salary:  9 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  24.2.2020
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  Ines J. Age:  20    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B10 
I am a Coventry University student, attending a Dietitics and Human Nutrition course. I have always loved children, play with them whilst learning new things. I also enjoy taking care of people of different ages, developing a unique communication skill. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 12 £ per hour 
Last Login:  8.3.2020
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  Saima B. Age:  27    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B11 
I'm a positive person. Who adores kids. I'm a British Pakistani I've been looking after kids since the age of 11. My mum would babysit and I would always help out. I've been looking after my own niece and nephews from a young age too. I've always loved kids and looking after them. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 11 £ per hour 
Last Login:  4.4.2020
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  Hafza A. Age:  22    •   Experience:  1 Year
Birmingham B7 
I am much good with children and Hardworking, flexible. I have experience working with children. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  11.2.2020
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  Soraya S. Age:  20    •   Experience:  3 Yrs
Birmingham B28 
I am highly sociable and have a confident bubbly personality. Giving me an excellent level of communication and collaboration skills, and allowing me to easily work with people whom I have never met before. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  20 Days ago
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  Shazana K. Age:  45    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B31 
I have been working for children for 10+ years. I enjoy working with them because it’s always been my passion. I love doing different activities and helping children out, I have been working with many different age groups. I have 2 children of my own but they are now adults. Read More>
Salary:  8 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  9.2.2020
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  Araminta L. Age:  28    •   Experience:  10+ Yrs
Birmingham B18 
Hello I’m araminta (Minty) 26. In September 2018 I began my studies in play specialism at Birmingham University. This is a part time course and I am looking to continue my passion for working with children alongside my studies. Read More>
Salary:  7 - 10 £ per hour 
Last Login:  24.2.2020
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